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The Black Pig Viognier 2016

The Black Pig Viognier 2016

  • Our Black Pig just spawned another variety.
  • Serve chilled with a spicy number or classic British dish like gammon, egg and chips.
  • The best Viognier isn't too much. This is a benchmark for the others out there trying to tame it!

All too often Viognier is just too much. Too intensely aromatic. Too rich. Too alcoholic. But! When you turn it down from 11 and aim for a solid 8 you can really appreciate the flavour profile of this classy grape variety. We don't put anything under our huge 'Black Pig' label unless it really is the cream of the crop, so expect no pulled punches here. This wine bridges the gap between New World fruitiness and Old World elegance. Plenty of stone fruit character with a freshness that belies the warm clime.



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Now - End 2018
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Andrew Baker talks about The Black Pig Viognier.

"A perfectly balanced wine with heaps of stone fruit, a little citrus fruit and a finish that is totally bracing."

Oz Winemaking Team

Winemaker: Fuse Winemaking Team

Country: Australia

Right from the start, we knew that we weren't happy with the quality of the off-the-peg Aussie brands. Step up Steve Grimley, a visionary young winemaker. We both realised that we'd need to tailor-make wines for Virgin, to get the best from Down Under.

We have now been working with Steve and his Fuse team for more than a decade blending up precisely to our stylistic needs. They have consistently supplied excellent wine with the flavour profiles we have developed together for our customers, from everyday standards right through to the more funky and esoteric. A great partner.

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