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Cederberg Sauvignon Blanc 2014

Cederberg Sauvignon Blanc 2014

  • Our Wine Buyers say: 'one of the world's best Sauvignon Blanc'.
  • Partner this stunning Sauvignon with all sorts of home-cooked fare - creamy chicken & leek pie to chunky grilled pork chop with sage butter and buttery mash.
  • Experience an exceptional glass of wine that brings a diversity to South African wine we hadn't imagined beforehand!

The Cederberg Winery is up there with South Africa's most exciting estates. Their naturally organic vineyards sit at an incredible 1000m altitude, (some of the highest in the world!). Under David Niewoudt, Cederberg's owner & winemaker, the team are doing a remarkable job crafting wines THIS darn good! David's direction has made a signature style Sauvignon: intensely aromatic, plenty of fresh lemon zest, asparagus and touches of capsicum. This wine focuses on a purity of fruit and direct freshness.



Grape Type:
Sauvignon Blanc
South Africa
Bottle Size:
At its best:
Now - End 2018
Wine Strength


Andrew Baker talks about the Cederberg Sauvignon Blanc.

"An essential must try for fans of top quality Sancerre."

David Nieuwoudt

Winemaker: David Nieuwoudt

Winery: Cederberg Winery

Country: South Africa

"I want people to drink my wine and think of these mountain ranges, unique and untouched." - David Niewoudt, winemaker at Cederberg

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