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Chateau Moulin du Terrier Bordeaux Rouge 2012

Chateau Moulin du Terrier Bordeaux Rouge 2012

  • Mature and ready to go right away with Sunday roasts or classic cheese boards.
  • Winner of a prestigious Gold Medal at the Concours General Agricole.
  • Perfectly balanced Claret at the peak of its powers.

It is always best to decant red wines from Bordeaux 30 minutes or so before serving allowing the wine to take on some air and really bringing it to life. The base for this wine is Cabernet Sauvignon giving the wine plenty of ripe blackcurrant fruit and lovely ripe tannins. A 20 / 20 split of Merlot and Cabernet Franc completes the blend with the former bringing juiciness to the palate and aromas of cherry and the latter peppery spice and an overall finesse to give the wine a complete feel.



Grape Type:
Cabernet blend
Bottle Size:
Wine Style:
Classic Reds
At its best:
Now - End 2018
Wine Strength
Etienne Pelissie

Winemaker: Etienne Pelissie

Country: France

The family estate is located in Gironde, 50 kilometres south east of Bordeaux and 10 kilometres from La Réole, on the slopes of the north bank of the Garonne. Here, the vineyard benefits from strong sunlight in summer, contributing to the ripeness of the grapes and the creation of a wine of exceptional quality with unique flavours.

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