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Gypsy Lee Rose White Zinfandel 2015

Gypsy Lee Rose White Zinfandel 2015

  • A more burlesque pink you won't meet!
  • Bountiful red fruit aromatics that are great with fiery grilled prawns or a classic fish curry.
  • Serve well-chilled as a great party beverage (or kick your shoes off, hit the sofa and put a soap on the telly!).

A wine that should be seen as what it is - frivolous, fun and a little sexy. So 'back-off' wine snobs! There's a lot of excitement to be had here. Drop your taboos about White Zin and dive in: this is the proper stuff. Grapes are left a little longer on the vine to enrich sugars, skin contact is minimal yielding a magnificent, salmon-pink coloured Rosé. Sleek aromas and a wonderful svelte presentation of delicate strawberry and redcurrant fruits in a rather racy package. Sure to thrill and titillate.



Grape Type:
Zinfandel / Primitivo
Bottle Size:
Wine Style:
At its best:
Now - End 2018
Wine Strength
Natale Gagliardo

Winemaker: Natale Gagliardo

Country: USA

Natale Gagliardo is winemaker to the Kautz Family, 4th generation family growers. Their vineyards are nestled in California's Sierra Foothills' charming gold rush town of Murphys. This area is not one of the big-hitting names, like Napa or Sonoma, but instead it does attract some great winemakers who form the vanguard of winemaking in the States, Natale being one of the finest.

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Rated 4.1 / 5 Stars

Rated by 477 people

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