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Grial de Avalon 2003

Grial de Avalon 2003

  • Ancient vine, mature Tempranillo from Arva Vitis.
  • The ultimate old vine expression from a top-drawer producer.
  • Paella fans - rejoice! Crack open a bottle of this and reap the benefits.
  • Careful decanting is a MUST to get the most out of this wine!

This little gem is only available because of our long-standing friendship with the family and winemakers at Arva Vitis. Grial de Avalon is a sumptuous, oak-aged Tempranillo from vines over a century old. Crammed full of black fruit flavours, enhanced with rich, sweet, vanilla-edged oak and a decade of maturity. As this is an old wine, naturally it may have sediment. So it's essential that you stand the bottle up at least 48 hours before opening & decant thoroughly.



Grape Type:
Tempranillo (Rioja)
Bottle Size:
Wine Style:
Soft and Juicy Reds
Wine Strength

Winery: Arva Vitis

Country: Spain

Notes from our Wine Buyer on drinking Grial de Avalon 2003:

1. Stand the bottle up for min. 48 hours (longer the better) to allow the sediment to settle.
2. Very carefully decant. Leave unwanted sediment in the bottle and not your glass. Hold a small sieve over the top of the decanter as an extra safeguard. Don't get greedy when you near the end of the bottle!
3. Let it breathe for an hour or so. The wine will open up and any sneaky sediment in your decanter can settle.
4. Pour into a large glass and I'm confident you will be very impressed.

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