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Finca Los Principes El Rihuelo Rioja 2015

Finca Los Principes El Rihuelo Rioja 2015

  • This is 21st Century Rioja - modern, forthright fruit, with a respectful nod to tradition.
  • First class quality from a prime single vineyard plot and brilliant winemaker, Pilar Avellanas.
  • There is no lovelier red to enjoy with barbecues, meaty salads and flavoursome fish dishes.

This stunning Finca los Principes release was crafted by a super-talented winemaker from an outstanding single vineyard of old Tempranillo and Garnacha vines. It's a Rioja that pays homage to the traditional style of Rioja but one with a spring in its step. This smooth raspberry and cranberry-kissed wine is a beauty with lithe fruit notes and no ugly lingering tannins or woodwork. If you like unruffled, languid reds with silky notes and haunting mulberry and fresh herb flavours then this is your wine.



Grape Type:
Tempranillo (Rioja)
Bottle Size:
Wine Style:
Rioja Style
At its best:
Now - End 2020
Wine Strength


Matthew Jukes talks about Finca Los Principes El Rihuelo Rioja.

"It's a modern take on traditional Rioja and certainly does not disappoint."

Pilar Avellanas

Winemaker: Pilar Avellanas

Winery: El Rihuelo Single Vineyard

Country: Spain

From an old bodega of prime vineyards in Alfaro, Rioja, that has an enviable reputation for making first class wines in the traditional Rioja style. Wine has been made here for six generations now.

What can we tell you about Rioja that you don't already know? Spain pre-eminent wine region has long held the crown, producing wines that were aged both in cask and bottle, according to a rigid quality scheme, to deliver the utmost seduction. Wines that would far rather give you a great big, warm hug than ask you if you'd spilled their pint.

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Rated 4.2 / 5 Stars

Rated by 1068 people

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