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Domaine Sebastien David Saint-Nicolas de Bourgueil Hurluberlu 2013

Domaine Sebastien David Saint-Nicolas de Bourgueil Hurluberlu 2013

  • Treat yourself to this French Old World gem that reminds us why we fell in love with French wines in the first place.
  • A sensational wine from an incredible winemaker, making a huge effort to produce his wine without chemicals.
  • The perfect wine to crack open and share at any dinner party.

This deliciously fresh gem is a real charmer. It's brimming full of red cherry and cranberry flavours that dance all over your palate, singing the praise of winemaker Sebastien David. Sebastien worked without chemicals and sulphur to produce this aromatic beauty.


Grape Type:
Cabernet Franc
Bottle Size:
Wine Style:
Classic Reds
At its best:
Now - End 2018
Wine Strength

Winemaker: Sebastien David

Country: France

Born in Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil in 1974, Sebastien David comes from a long line of winemakers that extends 15 generations, back to 1634. Working with 15ha of Cabernet Franc that were planted by his grandparents at around the time of the Second World War, Sebastien makes natural wines from fruit that is Ecocert certified and biodynamically farmed.

New to the New York market, David is well known throughout the natural wine world in France, and his spectacular cuvees are found in the best natural wine bars in Paris. His production is relatively small, thus resulting in consistent, clean and pure Cabernet Franc. From the carbonic 'Herluberlu' to the serious 'Kezako' and the cerebral 'Dithyrambus', these are wines to cherish and enjoy young with friends.

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