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Devil's Peak Limited Edition Chenin Blanc 2015

Devil's Peak Limited Edition Chenin Blanc 2015

  • New vintage of our favourite Cape Chenin Blanc.
  • Without sounding too marketing... it really is better than the last.
  • Packed with orchard freshness.

Splendid new vintage of this classic old salt, a wine that we know you love! This wine is the trade mark of lovely winemaker Marinda Kruger-Van Eck - subtle intricacy and nuance. We work with her to make the wines both she and we love, which means no compromise. She has great attention to detail, costing you less money than the wine would suggest, it has to be said.



Grape Type:
Chenin Blanc
South Africa
Bottle Size:
At its best:
Now - End 2017
Wine Strength


Andrew Baker talks about Devil's Peak Limited Edition Chenin Blanc.

"There's a delicacy to this wine, allowing aromatic expression as well as a subtle stoniness."

Marinda Kruger Van Eck

Winemaker: Marinda Kruger-Van Eck

Country: South Africa

The Cape is now a place not only of great wine, but also of great culture. Not only is it the garden of South Africa, but it's also the most culturally advanced and balanced region in the country. Wine has formed part of its culture for many centuries, but never before has it been quite this fabulous, nor been such a harmonising force.

There seems to us no earthly reason why South African winemakers shouldn't continue to gain ground ahead of the most esteemed French wine regions. They are already showing top Sauvignons to rival those of the Loire Valley and crafting some Rhône blends that are arguably up there with top-drawer Châteauneuf! All we know is - she's called the Eck. And she's definitely one to watch.

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