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Cedrus Cahors Malbec 2008

Cedrus Cahors Malbec 2008

  • Pascal and his brother have taken the idea of the black jewel, which could sometimes be on the grippy, rustic side and thoroughly polished it. There are no other Cahors producers who have quite achieved the levels of brilliance that these two have.
  • Cracking, iconic wine. You will need pretty robust food, like casseroles to cope with this beast.
  • Pascal Verhaegle is a nut case - in a good way. He is one of these winemakers only to be found in France who is completely consumed by his work...in a driven way.

Cahors has a fascinating and turbulent history; the vineyards were amongst the first planted in France by the Roman Emperors, more than two thousand years ago and they were an immediate hit. Probus was a staunch proponent as were the Tsars much later. Peter the Great insisted that the tannic content cured his ulcer and helped his delicate stomach. The wine they all prized was the Malbec based, 'black wine' of Cahors, the black jewel of French wine.


Grape Type:
Bottle Size:
Wine Style:
Huge Reds
At its best:
Now - End 2016
Wine Strength

Winemaker: Pascal Verhaeghe

Winery: Chateau du Cedre

Country: France

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