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VinobyVana Pink Grapefruit
VinobyVana Pink Grapefruit

12x VinobyVana Pink Grapefruit

Don't miss your chance to try the next big thing - fruit-flavoured wine! Vana (off of BBC's The Apprentice) has created a delicious pink grapefruit flavoured wine that's available exclusively to us. Grab a case now for only £5.99 a bottle!

£71.88 a case
Qty: case(s)

VinobyVana Pink Grapefruit NV

Created by Vana Koutsomitis of BBC TV's The Apprentice fame, this is something totally different. VinoByVana is a drink with a twist of pink grapefruit - refreshing, delicious and low in alcohol, the perfect party drink then!

3.5-star rating by 51 people.

  • Country of Origin France
  • Grape Type Other
  • Wine Style Rosé
  • Alcohol Percent 8%
  • Wine Strength
  • Wine Vintage NV
WAS: £5.99 a bottle
NOW: £4.99 a bottle
Qty: bottle(s)
Save £1.00 a bottle

VinobyVana Pink Grapefruit 6 Pack

You're intrigued, but don't want to go all out for a 12 bottle case, we get you. That's why we've also created this 6 bottle case of VinobyVana Pink Grapefruit - still just £5.99 a bottle.

£35.94 a case
Qty: case(s)