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    One thing's sure about our Live events - YOU ALL LOVE THEM! Not only are they a great chance to sample hundreds of wines from our range but you'll also get to meet many of our winemakers and the team from HQ.

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Say "Thank You" the right way...

Tired of giving dull brass clocks or vouchers that'll never be used? Want to treat your customers and staff better than others in your industry? Fancy giving incentives that potential customers actually want and that save you money and give you more value? Well, you've come to the right place!

Giving wine as a gift or incentive is increasing in popularity at an alarming rate. Your competitors are opening their eyes to the savings wine giving can generate. And, how much customers appreciate delicious, bespoke wine over other boring offerings.

It’s your time to be the company that clients want to work with; the business that staff want to work for; and the industry leaders that customers want to buy from.

Why Choose Virgin Wines?

We are the leading online wine merchant in the UK, with over 600 exclusive wines to choose from, and, in being the forerunner, we're able to manage any order - from one case to a thousand cases, a bulk delivery to one address or delivery to thousands of individual addresses. All of this handled by your own dedicated Account Manager and our outstanding customer service team - we ensure your experience with Virgin Wines is stress free and you'll have complete peace of mind that your customers are always getting top-quality delicious boutique wine.

By giving our clients access to preferential corporate rates on wine this enables them to run universally appealing sales incentives, gift with purchase campaigns and loyalty rewards for top tier customers. We can also assist with customer retention, staff reward/recognition and even as a flexible employee benefit plus much, much more. Speak to one of our dedicated business specialists who can tailor a bespoke solution within your budget to meet all of your requirements.

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Next Day Delivery

Whether you're ordering to one address or thousands of different addresses, you will get free delivery as standard.

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Gift Messaging

Gift Messaging lets you tailor your message to each person so you can keep it personal. We can even personalise bottles with your company logo and your customers name to make it extra special!

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Bespoke Selections

Choose anything from our exclusive range - from delicious, single vintage bottles to epic 16-bottle cases (including Champagne, fortified wines and spirits). We also have a wide range of different packaging options to suit.

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Any Budget

Don't worry about your budget. Whether you're giving a single bottle or hundreds of cases - we can tailor a solution that meets all of your requirements.

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To find out more or to order - Give us a call now on 0843 224 1006