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Virgin Wines Sampler 3 Pack

  • A select sample of some of our finest red, white and Rosé wine - check out the assortment below for more detail.
  • Enjoy a £9 discount if you enter the world of Virgin Wines today!
  • Take a risk-free dip into the diversity of our range - all bottles backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Discover the joy in buying wine online - the Virgin way. We're casual, our wines are smart and we get our kicks selling juice that we know will be mass approved - never mass produced. We specialise in bringing excitement to the palate. A rush of new-found flavour and texture that was not available off the peg. This is bespoke wine. It differs from the vast oceans of supermarket wine in every way. It seeks to thrill, where their wine seeks only to not offend.

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Case Contents

Perez Cruz Winemaker's Selection 2013

Perez Cruz Winemakers Selection 2009 Chilean Red Wine

Type: Cabernet blend

Price: £19.99 each

It's a source of immense excitement that this wine is probably the best Perez Cruz creation that we have ever tasted. It's the very best that Maipo can produce, the region itself being one of the best in Chile for Bordeaux varietals (which this contains aplenty). A wonderful accompaniment to red meat dishes - enjoy it with your Sunday roasts. Get in there before everyone finds out about this gem.

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars by 2267 people
  • Country: Chile Chile
  • Style: Huge Reds Huge Reds
  • ABV: 14% 14%
  • Wine Strength

Les Arbousiers Coteaux du Languedoc Cinsault Grenache Rose 2015

Les Arbousiers Coteaux du Languedoc Cinsault Grenache Rose 2009 French Rose Wine

Type: Cinsault blends

Price: £8.99 each

I have searched and searched for the Rosé that I want (selfish I know). That pretty, pale pink, light, tiny-bit-sweet but devastatingly, mouthwateringly, refreshing Rosé. And now I've found it. The young Languedoc gun of a winemaker, Jean Marie, may have eyebrows that caterpillars are sexually drawn to, but by 'eck he can make wine. Especially Rosé. And I just LOVE it.

Rated 4.1 / 5 stars by 994 people
  • Country: France France
  • Style: Rosé Rosé
  • ABV: 13% 13%
  • Wine Strength

Rallo Grillo 2010

Rallo Grillo 2010 Italian White Wine

Type: Grillo

Price: £9.99 each

Grillo is a rare beast: a single grape that produces a perfectly balanced wine all by itself. The more you pay the more those delicious flavours intensify. The historic Rallo winery has stood on the beach in Marsala for over a century. While they still produce famous sweet wine, more recently their reputation has been forged by the quality of dry whites. Made from vines that are at least 30 years old, this fragrant, rich, unoaked wine is a vision of Sicily's future as a fine wine producer.

Rated 3.6 / 5 stars by 84 people
  • Country: Italy Italy
  • Style: Fragrant but Dry Whites Fragrant but Dry Whites
  • ABV: 13.5% 13.5%
  • Wine Strength