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Tabali Late Harvest Muscat 2011

Tabali Late Harvest Muscat 2011

  • Tabali Late Harvest Muscat is, quite simply, utterly delicious!
  • An ideal partner with a host of desserts: baked raspberry cheesecake, strawberries & cream OR will cut through Roquefort or mature Goat's cheese beautifully!
  • Bottle size: 37.5cl (cute half bottle).

Tabali is one of Chile's most exciting producers who have brought the cool Limari Valley climate to life, planting exciting fragrant white varietals. This late harvested Muscat represents excellent value for money and is a star in our range. A rich and complex wine, smooth on the palate with balanced acidity and a refreshing edge. Unlike many of the sweet wines from Bordeaux, it is ready to drink now (it will cellar for a good few years, but unlikely to improve grandly). Drink in the moment, we say!



Grape Type:
Bottle Size:
Wine Style:
At its best:
Now - End 2015
Wine Strength
Felipe Muller

Winemaker: Felipe Muller

Winery: Tabali Winery, Limari Valley

Country: Chile

The Tabali Winery started its vineyard plantations in 1993, in the exciting and promising Limari Valley, North of Chile. Its closeness to the Atacama Desert, the proximity of the Pacific Ocean and the clear and pure skies, hot days and fresh nights result in an exceptional terroir for the creation of premium, and super premium, wines. It is a climate perfectly suitable for the slow maturation of grapes.

Words from the winery: "At Tabali we are totally committed to crafting unique wines with distinct regional character and full of Limari expression. We are passionate about producing the highest quality wines by carefully balancing all elements - growing healthy vines, a careful selection of grapes and the best winemaking techniques. We are one young and enthusiastic team dedicated to producing wines that wine lovers the world over can taste and enjoy."

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