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Devil's Peak Limited Edition Chenin Blanc 2013

Devil's Peak Limited Edition Chenin Blanc 2013

  • Made by one of the best winemakers in South Africa - Werner Engelbrecht - The Devil's Peak is something we only acquire a limited amount of.
  • To paraphrase Lily Bollinger, this wine is good to drink alone, and obligatory when you have company. Otherwise you shouldn't touch it...
  • With the necessary zip to properly slake your thirst, have it alongside any fish cuisine, however decadent or humble you like it.

Winemaker Werner Engelbrecht is the big cheese at the meticulously brilliant, dashingly exciting and 100% sustainable Waterkloof. Working at the super-premium winery, he has been 'let loose' and is able to make the wines he wants rather than being tied to a commercial, marketing-driven remit. This Chenin has a kaleidoscopic range of honey-fruit flavours, centred on a core of orchard-fruit freshness. There's delicacy too, allowing aromatic expression as well as a subtle stoniness.



Grape Type:
Chenin Blanc
South Africa
Bottle Size:
At its best:
Now - End 2017
Wine Strength


Andrew Baker talks about Devil's Peak Limited Edition Chenin Blanc.

"Werner Engelbrecht is one of the very best winemakers in South Africa. He made this lovely wine especially for us. It has a kaleidoscopic range of honey-fruit flavours, centred on a core of orchardfruit freshness"

Werner Engel brecht

Winemaker: Werner Engelbrecht

Country: South Africa

Werner is a pointlessly large man, with hands like shovels, who you might not like to surprise upon after dark. But, in actuality, he is a lovely, gentle giant, with a great love of wine and all its subtle nuances. And that is kind of his trademark - subtle intricacy and nuance. In The Devil's Peak Chenin he creates the extra richness by extending the lees contact and using some wild yeasts for the fermentation, giving this great value wine some real weight and character.

The Coastal region of South Africa is renowned for its fine and expressive fruit, resulting in wines with depth and complexity. Thanks to longstanding relationships, we keep ahead of the competition when it comes to securing the best parcels of fruit, when they are in so much demand. The unique adaptability and versatility of our South African range, matched with a wide range of foods or simply on their own by the glass, has been key to their success.

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