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Castillo de Anna Gran Reserva 2006

Castillo de Anna Gran Reserva 2006

  • A complex but soft and easy to drink Gran Reserva wine.
  • Valencia is fast becoming a must have Spanish region in your wine cellar.
  • One of the best wines to drink with roast lamb we have EVER tasted!

We like to provide a personal service. So, when you said you wanted one of your favourite Gran Reserva with more fruit and aged in oak slightly longer, we poked our heads around the winery door and asked the winemakers to do just that. They did. Cinnamon and forest fruit flavours of the Tempranillo grapes are combined with spicy, toasty oak to make this soft, complex Valencian red. It doesn't lounge around like a chubby, couch-potato Rioja, it's energetic, well-toned & great with roast lamb.



Grape Type:
Bottle Size:
Wine Style:
Soft and Juicy Reds
At its best:
Now - End 2017
Wine Strength


Matthew Jukes talks about Castillo de Anna Gran Reserva.

"The first release of Castillo de Anna hit our warehouse way back in 2004. Were now four vintages on from that legendary 2001 release and its as popular as ever."

Victor Porter

Winemaker: Victor Porter

Winery: Bodega La Vina-Anecoop

Country: Spain

After some years travelling around the world I think that finally I have found one of the most interesting places to make my wines, a place that has a perfect combination between tradition ( wine has been done in the area since III b.c)and modernity (here in the area I have the the most modern technology and most open minded producers I have ever work with).
I really hope you will enjoy my Valencian wines as much as I have enjoyed making them.

In this wine, I have tried to combine the tradition of the Gran Reservas from Rioja with the modernity and cheerful character of the Mediterranean people. I have combined the spicy notes of the barriques with the typical cinnamon and forest fruits flavours of the Tempranillo grapes. Making a complex but soft and easy to drink Gran Reserva wine.

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